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NEW USERS: How to get the most bang for your Post...

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PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2008 1:20 pm    Post subject: NEW USERS: How to get the most bang for your Post...

Up front, before anything else, here's my biggest frustration in administering a Surname Index: PLEASE understand that you MUST post a message to do anything useful here. Gather your info and create a POST. If you do not Post a message, you're simply wasting your time here.

Well, onwards and upwards...

Presumably you are here because you are still looking for ways to do effective research. Maybe you have hit a "brick wall", the leads are fading out, the records don't go back that far, GreatGreatGrandpa is rumoured to have had a mistress and outside kids, your mother spoke in a heated moment about a rogue fifth uncle (and you only know about three), or something else entirely.

The point is, you need more information and the conventional sources either do not exist or are somehow unable to provide you with what you need (you can share sources of information here too).

Enter the Irish Surname Index, born of a need to let people exchange family tree information in the hope that connections will be made over thousands of miles and/or many generations. I know people look for long-lost friends or former lovers here too, but that's a side-benefit, not the main event, and is still perfectly OK (unless you want to to harass or stalk them, in which case I hope you get a long sentence as some Hell's Angel's bitch - with hard labour as a side dish).

To use this very simple resource to search effectively, you first need to understand that the core purpose of posting a message here is to catch someone else's internet search - by someone else using a search engine (such as Google). It is therefore necessary to THINK seriously about what information you will you post here, and to try to think the way THEY would think - throw away all your own unique logic and thought processes and go "mass-media" for your ideas and words about "merchandising" your information.

Ummm, errr, well, having used such commercial words and phrases, I'll quickly pause and emphasise that no selling is permitted in this Index. No advertising, no pushing of commercial sites (unless they contain valuable and relevant information) is allowed. And if links contain affiliate codes, those codes will be removed by me - so the affiliate who is posting here gets nothing in return for the link.

On the other hand, I may place ads on the pages because 1. well, it's my resource, and 2. the money to keep this here has to come from somewhere, and right now that's coming out of my pocket. It's FREE to YOU, remember?

If you feel the need to send me a donation to help support this resource, please send me an email through this contact form, and I will send you my PayPal handle so you send it securely...
(If I simply give out my PayPal handle here, it encourages the SPAMmers to start flooding my account with garbage. They are already sending me lots of garbage through my contact form, too!!)

So, if you need to buy something that is being advertised here (by me), please use this advertisement so that I may get some revenue from it - it's not going to cost you any more to do so, so why not help me to pay for this resource?

To continue...

Yes, the "bare" essential of a single surname in a post will "barely" suffice, but if you include a few given ("Christian") names, relationships and both the local location/s and country/ies, would that not both save others correspondence and widen your "net" at the same time?

The idea is to get results, is it not? So, how do YOU normally get results?? NOT by doing as little as possible, I hope!!!

And remember, the results are YOURS, not your employer's or anybody else's... you are working for yourself here.

That said, there is hardly a day goes by while administrating these Indexes (yes, I have others) that I do not come across new connections across the generations and decades. Of course, the people who find the greatest success are the ones who put the most 'keywords' and effort into their posts, just like a commercial site looking for everyone else's business.

IMPORTANT: (Here it is again...) To make ANY progress using this resource, you MUST post at least ONE message. Posts make it into the search engine databases, and someone searching with matching keywords will only be able to find the info from your Post/s. And the more Posts the better your response is likely to be - Post under surname, county, Roll Call, DNA, wherever you can Post that is relevant.

In the spirit of not encouraging procrastination, you must also either make a worthwhile Post here within a calendar month - or I will delete your registration. No exceptions.

The easiest path is to compose a single message with ALL of the surnames, ALL of the locations, ALL of the nicknames, ALL of the unusual traits, ALL of the family friends, etc., and post it to as many of the Boards as are appropriate to your surnames (Lynch under L, Robinson under R, also Posted under appropriate Counties and Research Specialties, and so on) - while posting a different surname or County/location in the Subject line each time of course - or, you could compose as many messages as there are surnames and locations, and customise each message to each surname and/or location.

Personally, with my own successful experience in "search engine optimisation" I think the trick to greatest success is to put enough of the right 'keywords' in your Posts for OTHERS to find you... think of things OTHER people might be looking for - surnames, nicknames, unusual names, places, family traits, even names of close family friends. And think of unusual traits... for instance, if twins run in your family you might find a way to add that word somewhere in all of your Post/s.

Index 'Notification' is always ON. This ensures that if someone responds to your post/s or sends you a Private Message, you do receive an immediate email alert from the Index (not from the other person)... and you can pick up on it right away, at your convenience. This also saves you from having to keep checking the Index for responses.

Finally, if you should lose your username or password, just drop me a line, with the email address you registered with and your username (if you can remember it - I can also find your username using your email address), and I can reset your password.

I would also appreciate your keeping your email address current... if you change your addess, please remember to notify me in an email from your old address.

Please bear in mind that in all correspondence involving your registration you should be writing to me from the email address you registered with - I will not betray your privacy or hand access to your account to someone else pretending to be you.

There's more, but this all I have time for right now... have a great search!!
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