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Some research hints for newbies - and oldbies...

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 10:15 pm    Post subject: Some research hints for newbies - and oldbies...
For persons looking for ancestors...

First, I don't do research for others, so you should not expect me (bimjim, owner/moderator of this Index) to provide any family tree info for you.

Second, this Surname Index is probably the best way to make yourself available 24/7/365 when someone else is looking for you... family history is seldom a pastime of the young, and as people get older a little interest develops - but not much more. And when someone does decide to become the family genealogist and starts looking, it's easy to become discouraged.

This Index will send you an email when someone either replies to your Post or send you a PM. Your email is NOT provided to ANYONE else, and it is then up to your own discretion and good sense to decide whether to reveal your email, address and/or real name to the person wishing to contact you.

I am hoping the General Discussion Board will invite some more good input in the way of tips and hints.

I recently started doing the Sudoku puzzles and became aware of how much they resemble the genealogy search for some people (among other interests), many starting out easy but quickly degenerating into apparently unsolvable "brick walls" that have to be chipped away at, pebble by pebble, until finally the big picture is revealed. That sense of satisfaction is hard to beat!!

Other than the above, I'd visit your local library - the bigger the better - enlist the help of a librarian and look high and low for any genealogy-related publications. Ask specifically if they offer the Inter-Library Loan facility with the LDS (Latter Day Saints) - the Mormons - in Salt Lake City (USA)... most librarians worth their distance-learning Diploma will know what you are talking about.

In this area (the LDS) you are looking for any way you can "borrow" (there is a low nominal fee) microfilms and/or microfiche, and you will need a library with reader facilities for either or both media, MOST preferably with printers/copiers attached (otherwise you will spend most of your time laboriously copying down references and information, when you could be printing the original stuff ouyt for a nominal fee per page).

Also hunt down your local Mormon Temple, seek out their Family History Centre, and look for the film/fiche reference numbers of any/all material they may have related to your specific search. Copy them carefully, along with their subject matter, because they are key to what you get in the inter-library loan.

It might be a good idea to Post them on this Index too, so others who are nowhere near an LDS Family Histroy Centre can have access to the specific references too.

Unfortunately, LDS Temple Family History Centres seldom have up-to-date modern readers with a direct printing/copying facility.

Apart from sending me a PM here, my on-line contact - for effective SPAM avoidance - is:

Please note: The IGI database (also by the LDS) is NOT considered reliable for CORRECT information, but it is considered a good starting point if you have run into a brick wall and are looking for clues to verify elsewhere...

Again, always verify the LDS on-line database information with another reliable source before taking it as "gospel".

You can insert as much info into that form as you want, but (contrary to a note that I once found on that page) you CAN insert just a surname and select the region and get back a listing - up to about 1,000 maximum - of all individuals across that regions with that surname - as well as like-sounding names under the LDS "Soundex" protocol (in my case, Lynch = Linch = Lenche = L520, etc).

You may want to cover all your bases and also do a check on the regional setting "World Misc.", parhaps other Regions too (the price is right!!!).

There are hundreds of genealogy "email discussion lists" on
You join by sending an email to the List Mail Server, and you become one of the recipients of every email sent to the List.

*** A major drawback to these email lists is the SPAM... but only if the List is "archived". The Caribbean-L list, for example, is archived both on and publicly elsewhere, and the SPAM harvesting software really get a bucket-full of email addresses in these areas.

*** If you do join a discussion List or a genealogy Forum (other than mine, where I have removed emails from public view), do so with a HotMail or other disposable address (or any provider where the SPAM filters are REALLY effective), but definitely do NOT use your own private email address. At one point I was up to 5,000 a day - and growing, and had to make major changes to all my internet communications.

The drawback of a disposable address is that when someone really important to your search starts looking for you, you will probably have abandoned the address because of SPAM - and you can't go back and change it.

Here's another worth spending time on...

In return I ask that you please help me to help others. if you ever come across a researcher who does work in (or for) Ireland or Irish interests, that information (names/contacts of researchers) is a resource sadly lacking everywhere. Please provide me with his/her contacts so I can ask him/her directly if they would be listed here, and have them contact me directly if they are interested - listing is free.

Researchers, please contact me directly, PM here or via my contact form, if you wish to be added to my Resources pages. I have no objection to a FREE listing, but I can't accept a public email listing. For SPAM and security purposes, anyone wanting to contact you MUST either Post here, send you a PM here, or I will allow a URL in your post for a contact form (and I can also set up such a private, SPAM-free resource for you which would forward emails to your address).

I hope this all helps someone to dig another pebble out of their brick wall...

Jim Lynch
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