Vere L. Oliver's
'History of Antigua'

-- James C. "Jim" Lynch --

History of Antigua - set of 3 volumes
Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of "History of Antigua"
(** VHS Videotape for size comparison ONLY)


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Welcome... (1999, 2003 & 2005)


This Project has completed a 25-set Limited Edition re-publishing of Vere Langford Oliver's 'History of Antigua', and is considering a second short run.

This is a large 'folio' sized set of three books (10 inches wide by 15 inches tall by between 1 inch and 1-1/2 inches thick, and between about 400 and 500 pages each volume), originally printed about 1895/99.

I have found by personal experience out how rare these books are - and how expensive. In 1998 one full set sold in the UK for UKŁ2,750 (about EC$12,700, US$4,700 or CD$7,250). The dealer told me they are "almost impossible to obtain anywhere - I've tried, believe me!!"


I received enough pre-payments to complete a second print run of "History of Antigua".

As for the first, the price is US$1,000, which includes shipping anywhere in the world via parcel post. I have now arranged with PayPal to receive payments by credit card, which should relieve the stress inherent in the other methods, and I will set that up on this page in the near future.

For now, if you are interested in purchasing a set, please contact me at one through the mediums below. I would be happy to try to answer any questions you may have.

** Please note: Pre-payment in full is required for all of these sets. I do not accept Purchase Orders of any kind, nor do I offer credit terms.

2003 Print Run: To be completely honest, in this series the printer did not print page 406 in Volume 2, the final half-page of the Index, and with their lack of willingness to put it right I have basically terminated my association with that company. This same printer has also lost or deleted all of the image files related to the printing of all of the books I had them print before.

For the moment, buyers of these sets will find a scanned image of that page HERE. If you are a verified buyer and wish to have a full size printed page sent to you for insertion please simply email me direct.

As publisher I accept a measure of responsibility for this, and deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused.


I commissioned (and have received) a limited print run which is available for immediate shipping.

In view of the delays and reliability of my last printer, I had to start again and the proofing process - as it always does - took quite a long time. I also suffered additional major expense to make this new start, and this was unavoidable.

Sale prices and conditions remain the same as before. (See "Ordering" and "Buying the books" below.)


I completed a short print run early in 2006, the final Index page omission has been corrected. and full sets are still available for immediate shipping.




Full-sized, high quality sets in three volumes on strong, thick paper for longevity. These books are expected to persist at least 150 years --

  • The contents are printed on strong, double-thickness paper for longevity, and are expected to persist for at least 150 years under constant use. Primarily aimed at the pounding taken by books in research use, institutions and public libraries, they are hard-backed in buckram with lay-flat bindings, and are fully hand-bound by a professional craftsmen binder.
  • Extra features: at least three long red bookmark ribbons embedded in each spine, and the cover/spine impressed with gold titles.
  • Please note: The lowest pricing for each set comes with worldwide delivery included. There are no further costs associated with the quotes shown below.




Sorry, but I have sold my last set of "History of Antigua" - no more are available from stock. These sets sold very slowly - one set a year, if I was lucky - and with the digital age converting everything to CDs I don't intend to lose any more money by printing and storing expensive sets of books which may never sell. If you MUST have a new set please contact me and I can probably arrange to have one printed and bound for you, but on such a special order the price will be closer to US$3,000 for the set, and must be paid in advance.
I apologise for the inconvenience, but I can't - and won't try to - compete with today's digital "free" market.

Other valuable and useful Caribbean genealogy publications also
available from this specialist micro-publisher:
Kent's "Barbados and America"
"Old Barbados Newspapers" (2 vols)



Sets of "Caribbeana" and/or "History of Antigua" have been acquired to the following libraries (among others)

redball.gif (326 bytes) Metro Toronto Reference Library
redball.gif (326 bytes) Cleveland Public Library
redball.gif (326 bytes) Duke University
redball.gif (326 bytes) Society of Genealogists, London (UK)
redball.gif (326 bytes) Barbados Museum & Historical Society Library
redball.gif (326 bytes) National Library of Canada
redball.gif (326 bytes) University of the West Indies - Cave Hill, Barbados
redball.gif (326 bytes) Boston College Library
redball.gif (326 bytes) University of South Florida - Tampa
redball.gif (326 bytes) Barbados Department of Archives
redball.gif (326 bytes) Antigua Department of Archives
redball.gif (326 bytes) St. Kitts Department of Archives
redball.gif (326 bytes) O'Neill Library, Boston College, Massachusetts
redball.gif (326 bytes) Library: Daughters of the American Revolution
redball.gif (326 bytes) Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
redball.gif (326 bytes) Michigan State University
redball.gif (326 bytes) University of Texas, Austin
redball.gif (326 bytes) Miami-Dade Public Library, Florida
redball.gif (326 bytes) Indian River Library, Vero Beach, Florida
redball.gif (326 bytes) UK National Archives (in Kew, Surrey)

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Please feel free to direct any enquiries here or contact me in one of the following ways:
James C. Lynch
75 Coronation Parkway
Barrie, ON L4M 0E2 CANADA
Tel. (416) 602-7389

contact me by email by clicking here



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