lovechild_cover.gif (12351 bytes) A Genealogist's Guide
to the Social History of Barbados

Love Child
By L. E. Salazar
A fresh and refreshing view of Barbados history is currently to be found in a new book entitled Love Child. This book uncovers the hitherto de-emphasised chunks of Barbadian history which speak to the enslavement of tawny people from the mainland. Crafted in simple language as a people's history, this book lets the facts speak for themselves. It tells the tale of the love child of Barbados and the records that reveal love between black, white and brown as it asks the questions:
Did all Africans come to Barbados as slaves?
Could the "Red-Legs" have actually been Native Americans?

For all who need to understand their Barbadian roots, LOVE CHILD by L.E. Salazar, B.A. (Hons.) is the answer. Take yourself on a journey through the pioneer years as described by eye-witnesses and draw your own conclusions from information compiled from slave lists, wills, plantation inventories and other rare public records, bringing to life the European, Native American and African experience in Barbados.

Sale Price for LOVE CHILD includes a chapbook of Barbadian verse while stocks last and is available with each order made through the author at

Love Child, 5.5" by 8", with 200 pages is
US$17.00 + $5 postage for shipping by air-mail.

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