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Personal References...

It is recognised that any project such as this - especially where money changes hands before the product is delivered - demands a level of knowledge of who the customer is dealing with, which translates into credibility and trust that the product will not only be delivered, but that it will be delivered as promised.

So, for the purposes of acquiring a reference on my integrity, please contact any of the following:

  The Metro Toronto Reference Library
(Contact the Special Collections Department)
  Friends of the Barbados Archives
(Contact Mr. Ernest Wiltshire)
  Barbados Museum & Historical Society
Librarian, Barbados Museum & Historical Society
The Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados
Tel: (246) 427-0201    Fax: (246) 429-5946
  Antigua Dockyard Museum & Historical Society
(Contact Mr. Desmond Nicholson)

(July, 2006) Please note: Due to the ever-increasing volume of SPAM  (garbage emails) generated to every email address published on the Web, I have removed the emails of individuals from this page to rel;ieve them of this burden.


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About myself...

Barbadian by birth, Canadian by naturalisation, I spent 16 years as an airline pilot for LIAT (1974) Limited. Before that, I worked for four years as an airline/charter pilot in the Caribbean with Tropicair in Barbados and Air BVI in Tortola. I was also an Air Traffic Controller in Barbados for two years.

With my most recent employment being at LIAT you may also therefore ask any pilot you know who has worked for LIAT over the last 25 years about my integrity -- I was re-elected Secretary of the Pilots' Association for my last eight years with the airline, and am proud of the progress I was able to encourage on both sides of the table during my time on the Executive. For my work on behalf of the Association I was accorded the privilege of being granted the first ever Life Membership in LIALPA (the LIAT Pilots Association).

I am now medically retired from flying (after a failed cataract operation) and living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I work for the TTC (ground transportation - transit). I'm also in the webauthoring business designing, creating, maintaining and providing web site presences for very small businesses. With some spare time available, I started investigating my own family history and - like many others - became hooked on genealogy.

Finally, without desiring to lean completely on their shoulders, I believe it helps this project to mention that my great grandfather namesake, James Challenor Lynch, was one of the founders of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, and that my father, Sir Douglas Lynch, K.A., CMG., Q.C., still lives in Barbados, and is/was a distinguished legal and taxation expert.


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About these Projects...

I prefer to call these "Projects" for the simple reason that each one is different and requires slightly different skills and approaches.

In some Projects (like "Caribbeana"), gathering and collating several copies from multiple sources to ensure that a complete document results is vital; yet in some Projects there will be original material that can be published almost without any intervention.

Yet another may be a hand-written manuscript that must be transcribed because the writing is difficult to read.

Apart from authenticity, decisions must be made for each one as to the final printed size and how best to move from the original to the printed form without damaging the original. Some may require that an Index and Table of Contents be added... and so on.

Whatever the case, the object is to make sure that older publications are renewed and that rare material is sought out and published - to increase the size of the "pool" of data available to researchers of Caribbean genealogy and history.

Some Projects will be expensive; please understand that this material is not only aimed at present researchers but also at researchers in 150 years' time. That takes attention to detail and ensuring that the good quality is an integral part of each publication.

For the researchers examining this material with part interest in investment, I would be comfortable in assuring you that most of these Projects will increase in value; I say "most" because I can see that - for whatever reason - some will of necessity be just 20 or 30 pages long.

Projects with high sales will partly support those with low sales; in other words, all documents - regardless of size or length - will be seriously considered for publication, even if they appear to have limited application or scope. The one common requirement is that they be of value to Caribbean genealogy.

Another integral part of these Projects is endowment; each Project will contribute a number of books or sets to appropriate institutions both in and outside of the Caribbean for reference purposes - The Barbados Museum Library and the Antigua Archives both receive all books I publish free of charge. Other institutional requests will be seriously considered.

Finally, feedback is an important part of the process; while some items have been integrated into past Projects, they may not necessarily be the desired ones.

Correspondence would be welcomed, including but not limited to desired features, requests for specific documents and suggestions for documents that would be of genealogical interest to the Caribbean area.

As a researcher myself I would hope to work with the genealogy community rather than in spite of them.


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Please feel free to direct any enquiries here or contact me in one of the following ways:

James C. "Jim" Lynch
Tel: (905) 881-5197 (EST business hours only, please)

or send normal Post Ofice mail to:
James C. Lynch
69 Rose Street, RR#1
Sutton, Ontario L0E1R0


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