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James C. 'Jim' Lynch
James C. Lynch
75 Coronation Parkway,
Barrie, Ontario L4M 0E2

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Cover Note (Intro)

As a life-long learner I am a flexible, qualified, self-motivated individual who possesses very strong organisational and interpersonal skills. My major interests include transportation (especially aviation), analysis, planning and trouble-shooting.
While I am able to work well alone and/or lead a team, I also reognise there must be a chain of command and I am able to take direction. I am also able to take responsibility for managing the completion of tasks with a high degree of quality.
My past major career was charter, then airline, pilot through the Caribbean islands. I came to Canada in 1995 and started working for the Toronto Transit Commission, where I ended a Clerk with one of the Subway Divisions.
My past careers required a high degree of organisational skill, flexibility and the ability to multi-task, and both professions operated, by necessity, on the two opposites of schedules/deadlines and ever-changing conditions.
As I hope you will see, I am able to bring a wide range of practical skills, qualifications and experience to any task I assume. I have proven my capacity to approach problems creatively and effectively in many areas, and I work and communicate well in a team environment with both internal and external Customer Service relationships.
With my existing qualifications and administration, English language, webmaster and publishing skills my interests additionally include, but are not limited to, any (or all) of the following...

executive position,
management position,
administrative position,
training position,
circulars, newsletters,
technical matters,
accident investigation,
graphics manipulation
web site design/management.

On the computing side I have more than seven years of experience in customer and systems support for both internal and external customers accessing servers installed with FreeBSD on UNIX and Apache.
My wide range of software and hardware skills and experience include most of the Microsoft and Adobe and some of the Macromedia suites of programs, as well as UNIX, CGI-perl, Telnet, JavaScript and HTML.

I do have some exposure to technical writing, and I have excellent (near expert) English oral and written communication skills, such that I can proof-read and speed-read at the same time.
I have a Diploma in Programming and Systems Analysis, an Overview Certificate in Safety Management Systems (in aviation), many years of experience with a range of software and hardware, and a progression of expertise overlapping my previous career.
I am interested in hearing from anyone who can help me make a difference - please send me an email HERE.

Thank you very much in advance for your time.


Formal Aviation Training

Air Traffic Controller (Aerodrome), Barbados Department of Civil Aviation.

Initial pilot qualification was the Commercial Instrument Multi-Engine Land Pilot Licence 1971/1972 at the Winnipeg Flying Club, under RCFCA curriculum guidelines.
(RCFCA = Royal Canadian Flying Clubs Association)

Air Line Transport Pilot - USA
Airline Transport Pilot - Antigua
Airline Transport Pilot - Canada

CRM (teamwork) - initial training under United Airlines, subsequently
  renewed under LIAT (1974) Limited training staff.
ATC Vantage Overview Course in Safety Management Systems

Aviation Employment History
(Most recent first)

Nov 2001:    Interisland Air, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.

Airline Pilot, dHC-6-300 Twin Otter.

Apr 1980-Nov 1995:    LIAT (1974) Ltd., Antigua, West Indies.

Airline Pilot, eastern Caribbean, high-frequency scheduled and charter airline services.
BN-2A, BN-2A-III, dHC6-300 Twin Otter (single- & dual-pilot), dHC8-100/300 Dash-8.

Before 1980:

Charter pilot, eastern Caribbean, high-frequency airline and charter airline services.
     Carib Aviation (Antigua, BN2, BE-50) 3 months contract
     Air BVI (Tortola, BN2, DC-3) almost 1 year
     Tropical Air Services (Barbados, AC500S, BN2, DC-3) 1 + 1 years
Air Traffic Controller (Barbados Department of Civil Aviation, about 1970) - 2 years experience.
  Official Secrets Act
  Busy high tech airport ('Heavy' traffic, Radar, VASI/PAPI, ILS, VOR, ADF, sectors, restricted areas, etc.)
  Hurricane area
Aviation Qualifications - click HERE
Computer Programmer/Webmaster
(1996 - present)

Toronto Transit Commission
Eglinton Division - Buses
Russell Division - Streetcars
Danforth Division - Subway & Collectors
Wilson Subway Division - Subway
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