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Information Technology Profile:

An innovative, dependable, organised and responsible technical support person with a strong background in computers and applications who is experienced in:

  Software & Hardware Maintenance
  Internal & External Support
  Issue Documentation & Technical Writing
  Webauthoring and Webmastering
  Newsletter creation and production

  Familiarity with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, most other standard office programs.


A self-starter, I have proven over the long term that I can be a loyal team player with excellent communications and interpersonal skills, while at the same time having strong leadership capabilities where necessary.

Able to define priorities and meet goals
Able to work effectively under stressful conditions
Able to train and support in technical areas
Strong time-management skills
Flexible and adaptable - can learn new subjects relatively quickly
Disciplined, punctual, team-oriented

Relevant Training

Design Media Studios, Toronto:
CGI-Perl Introductory course
Institute for Computer Studies, Toronto:
Diploma: Computer Programming & Systems Analysis.
------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
Languages Databases Systems Hardware
------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
C LAN Manager (PowerPC RISC)
C++ Windows 3.x
Visual Basic Windows 95
------------- ------------- ------------- -------------

Other languages/software/hardware experience

------------- ------------------- -------------------
Languages Systems Hardware
------------- ------------------- -------------------
HTML Windows 3.1/95/98 Pentium 200 Pro
perl (CGI) Windows 2000Pro/NT5 Amiga
javascript Commodore 64, 128, 128D
------------- ------------------- -------------------

Coding/Graphics Applications

MS FrontPage97/98/2002, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Fontographer, scanning, OCR, more.

Other Applications

MS Word (Office), MS Excel, WS_FTP, Telnet, WebTrends Log Analyzer, Norton Utilities, LapLink, Netscape (to 4.72), McAfee AntiVirus Suite, QuickLink, most other utilities widely used; Macintosh OS 7.x., Windows 3.1/95/98/2000 Pro, more.

Accomplishments / Experience

Programming & Technical Experience

(Macintosh) Used SuperPaint, PageMaker and other graphics programs to create and institute greatly improved cockpit documents, navigation logs, speed cards and other graphics for employer - some became mandatory cockpit equipment.

(Commodore 64) In 1983 created a loops-within-loops program with complex mathematics in BASIC to print out point-to-point navigation information such as FROM/TO, distance in nautical miles, track to and from (360 degree limitations), flying time and fuel used for the sector for up to three aircraft types and speeds. My last version printed over 110 pages of condensed print (with 3 full columns per line – and I still have a copy).

(Macintosh) Actively contributed and exchanged analyses and troubleshooting information on Mac-IO MUG Internet forum for over a year, from as soon as Internet access was available to me. Referred to and consulted widely over the last twelve years on computer-related subjects, and over the last five years on Macintosh/DOS problems and purchasing decisions by aviation peers.

(PC) Last six years self-employed creating and maintaining web sites from web design through layout, programming and updates.

Writing Experience

Wrote a technical Airfields Manual of about 150 pages in 1982 and initiated an update of it in 1995.

Produced large complex-formula spreadsheets with multiple what-if keys for adjusting calculations.

Wrote and produced all aspects of a monthly Association newsletter, up to 14 double-sided pages (28 pages), and am able to show a copy of the last one I issued.

Re-publish old and rare books

Recent employment:

2003-2013 Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bus Operator (40-foot), Clerical (high trust)
2003 United Parcel Service, Steeles Avenue West, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Service Provider (Driver)
1996-2013 CanDoo Creative Concepts, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Web designers, Internet presence, promotion and maintenance.
1980-1995 LIAT (1974) Ltd., Antigua, West Indies.
Airline Pilot eastern Caribbean, high-frequency airline services.
Before 1980: Charter Pilot, Restaurant Manager, Real Estate Salesman/Manager,
Air Traffic Controller, Architectural Draftsman.


Available upon request.

James C. Lynch
69 Rose Street, RR#2
Sutton West, Ontario L0E1R0, CANADA

Tel. (416) 602-7389 (Cellphone)
click here to contact me


I have a Diploma in Programming and Systems Analysis, and my more than 11 years of experience in web design and webmastering includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Acrobat, HTML, perl, some Javascript, content management and UI design. It also includes optimising web pages for search engine positioning, and optimising images for faster loading.
While I can - and do - program and troubleshoot in HTML, my preference is to use a WYSIWYG editor for the simple reason that it saves enormous amounts of time. I do add code manually to my pages anyway, as well as install and manipulate perl scripts, so I am proficient in the use of HTML and coding manually.
I have excellent English oral and written communication skills - I have a better command of the English language than most people - and I can proof-read and speed-read at the same time.
My direct web experience exceeds 13 years, although I have been working with computers and programming since 1983.
I do have some experience marketing web sites on line, although I have not done so recently due to the constant fast pace of change in how the search engines change their database triggers and the (relatively) recent introduction of payment for being listed in their databases.
My experience with Operating Systems includes UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows (PC) Operating Systems up to and including Windows XP Professional.
My knowledge of applications also includes the MS Office Suite as well as too many others to list here. I also use Telnet, WS_FTP and many others on a daily basis, and I use WebTrends server log analysis software to provide periodic reports to my clients on request.
As a self-employed webmaster I maintain several web sites on a daily/nightly, weekly and periodic basis, and I have many personal interests that command a similar schedule. I also provide pro bono services to personal interests and deserving causes.
I am available for interview and employment at short notice.


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