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Hello from the Caribbean Surname Index...

The Index itself is available at...

The Caribbean Surname Index is basically a Discussion Forum containing surname, location, and other "Boards" where registered users may post their relevant information and hope for a response from other family members searching on the Internet. This Index is "spidered" regularly by all of the search engines, including Google, so information placed here will show up when other people conduct a search. There are also general discussion Boards where registered users may throw out general or specific questions which others may respond to... discussion is very much encouraged here.
Please note...

The more information posted here, the better the chances of making a connection. Just posting a single name has very little chance of success, but also posting a location (village, town, city, country) and the names and/or nicknames of several other family members and/or close family friends has a far better chance of attracting a contact from across the miles and generations.

This Index allows PMs (Private Messages) to be sent between registered users. All email addresses have been removed from the public view, but registered users can send messages to each another and/or have the Index send them an email Alert whenever a message arrives for them or there is a response to their Post/s.

This provides a number of advantages:

  • Confidentiality: Your email address is confirmed - that it does indeed exist - but it is not publicly available.
    • Please note that if the Index sends you an email and it bounces - for any reason - the Admin has the right to delete your presence from the Index. The base reason for this is that if you cannot be contacted, then your remaining presence is merely a frustration to anyone trying to exchange information.
  • Security: Someone sending you an email has no idea where or who you are until you send them that information directly.
    • Please note that the previous, more open, Index apparently resulted in two women being stalked because of personal information revealed there.
  • Communications: Registered users can communicate with each other directly through the Index - by Posts in the public area, or by Private Message (PM).
  • Flexibility: Registered users may leave a personal note attached to their search... and I do ask you not to abuse this space.
  • Speed: Registered users Post their own entries, and their search is on line immediately.
  • Editing: Registered users may edit or add to their own information as soon as it changes. You need not post another entry to indicate a correction, you may simply change the original post by clicking on the Edit button attached to the original Post.

To avoid SPAM as much as possible, registration is manually completed, by email to the Administrator.
You may apply for registration HERE.

Here is the format you MUST follow for adding entries to the Caribbean Surname Index. It follows the basic format of the previous Index:
Subject line: SURNAME (in capitals), Country - local area.
Body text: Your name, and a relevant note (please keep it brief).
Subject line: LYNCH - Barbados, Bridgetown, St. Michael and/or Christ Church
Body text: James Lynch, seeking especially Hamlet LYNCH ca.1804, married to Minifred Lynch, sons James, Peter, John Richard. Could be St. Michael or Christ Church parishes.
IMPORTANT: The Index is checked daily for SPAM and violations of the Terms Of Use. For your own protection, do NOT put your own email, street address or location into the Subject or Body of the post.  Such items WILL be removed and you WILL be warned - just once, repetition results in removal of your registration and all of your Posts without further notice.

PLEASE NOTE: The language here for registration and Posting is strong, and intentionally so. Many people do not complete the registration application properly, or after Registration is completed then disregard them all when it comes to Posting. Frankly, if someone can't read, understand, and then comply with simple and basic instructions perhaps it is better they are not in this Forum in the first place.

- Use a "handle" or "nickname" as your Index name.
- Keep your posted information short and to the point, but include as many names, towns/cities and countries of relatives/friends as possible. These public posts/messages are available to anyone on the Internet, and I have had reports of stalkings and threats to those who insist in posting current intimate details.
Be advised that the Administrator does have access to email addresses of registered users should he need to contact you for any reason. This privilege will not be abused, your addess will never be sold or otherwise distributed, and you will never receive SPAM from this source (although you may periodically receive information pertinent to this Board or to your search).
Again, all users who wish to Post or communicate are now REQUIRED to register. The Index may also be used for discussion - but of directly-related genealogy matters ONLY. You may NOT post here unless you are a registered user.
This Index is fully searchable. As before, all posts are totally subject to review and control by the Administrator, and the Administrator's decision in any matter is final.
Again, the Index is available at...

Thank you for your time and attention... and good luck!!

James C. "Jim" Lynch



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