COAKLAY - Jost Van Dyke, Tortola

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COAKLAY - Jost Van Dyke, Tortola

Post by Phantom06 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:24 pm

I've accounted for all my ancestors back to 1768 with the exception of three.

My 3x great grandfather was Henry Coaklay (the family name is Coakley from 1717 until present but apparently Henry wanted to be distinguishable from other, related Henry Coakley's and opted for the "ay" ending).

He had 5 children with his first wife, Eliza Woods. All are accounted for the US except for daughter, Henrianna, who remained in St John with her father while her siblings moved to the US in 1837.

Henry married his third wife, Catherine, and the couple had a daughter -- Amanda Malvina Coaklay (b: 1836)

Henry Coaklay died unexpectedly in 1840 at his estate -- Brown Bay on St John. His widow and daughters appear on the 1841 St John census residing at the Richardson's estate on St John. The Richardson's are Coaklay/Coakley relatives -- exact relationship unknown. There are also two Hughes children -- 18 year old Christina and 15 year old Thomas. These are believed to be Catherine's children from a previous marriage.

In October 1841, harbormaster Thomas Davis writes a letter informing that the following had left St John by boat without permission:
Catherine Coaklay and Henrianna Coaklay (5 year old Amanda is presumed with them along with 18 year old Christina Hughes) and reportedly heading for Great Thatch Island.

15 year old Thomas Hughes is recorded as leaving without permission by boat and heading for Jost Van Dyke

There is no further record of any of them on St John.

Catherine Coaklay is reportedly from Jost Van Dyke and is believed born in 1805
Her daughter, Amanda Malvina Coaklay, was born in 1836
Step-daughter, Henrianna Coaklay, was born ~1814 (either St Kitts or St John)

My suspicion is that they ultimately went to Anguilla.

I've not been able to find anything on any of them after 1841. I'm hoping someone might have seen reference to them in the BVI records.

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