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Deportees from Scotland 1685

Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:28 pm
by Bobbie
From the Privy Council Register of Scotland third series vol XI I I discovered the names of many deported as a result of being caught at a conventicle (open air religious service) at Carlouk and Cambusnethem near Lanark, Scotland in 1685. These services were held by Covenanters who refused to return to the “old religion” (Catholicism) when James II (James VII of Scotland) tried to outlaw the Presbyterian religion of the Reformation. They were sentenced to be “banished abroad to His Majesties plantations with certification that if any of them shall return into this kingdom they shall incur the penalty of death” on 24.7.1685 for having refused to take the oath of allegiance.

The Ship Passenger Lists of New Jersey 1600-1825 (by Carl Boyer 3rd) show them as being sent to New Jersey and many of the names on that list agree with those apprehended at Carlouk and Cambusnethem. Carlouk is now Carluke.

The names of the other deportees taken at Carluke are : Alexander Richie, William Smith, Andrew Scot (shown as Andro Scott in the Register), James Forrest, Thomas Stodhart, James Wilkie, John Elliot. George Young, Robert Cameron, John Gibb (shown as Gib in the Register), James Stuart (shown as Stewart in the Register), John Swan (shown as Suan in the Register), William Hastie, James Olipher, Robert Campbell (shown as Campble in the Register), John Jackson, Thomas Weir, Matthew Bryce (shown as Brice in the Register) Gilbert McIlroy, William McIlroy, John Cunningham (shown as Cunynghame in the Register), John McCully (shown as McCullie in the Register) and Quentin Dun (shown as Quintein Dun in the Register).

Although there are spelling differences between the Register & shipping list I am sure they must be the same folk as the year is the same; the original comes from Robert Wodrow’s “History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restauration (sic) to the Revolution” published in 1830.

There is of course no guarantee that any of the above moved to Barbados.