SANCHO – Guyana, Nabaclis

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SANCHO – Guyana, Nabaclis

Postby Sancho » Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:27 pm

SANCHO – Guyana, Nabaclis
I am trying to locate and communicate with members of the kinship of Sancho. The immediate need is identifying the ancestral links and the immediate relatives of the following; Robert Johnston Sancho, Robert Christopher Sancho, Claudius Sancho, Teddy Sancho Adelaide Sancho (Mrs. Luke), W/Sergeant 14152 Sancho, Isabelle Sancho [later Mrs. Isabelle Gordon, daughter of Hanover of Victoria, and mother of Fred Gordon and Dr. Darryl Gordon of Massachusetts, died about 1953],Lynda Sancho, daughter of Harold Sancho, Lothian Sancho, Motie Sancho, Bob Sancho, Mr. Reggie Sancho, Swanton Blaire Sancho, Nelly Sancho, Ismay Wharton, Nick Edwards, George Sancho; the husband of Ginger Abel, George Sancho; the husband of Miss Harry, Orlando Sancho, Eldora Sancho, Norma Sancho, and Little Ray (the singer)?
Thank you very much
Mlilwana Osanku
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