[USA] A Guide to Genealogy for the Entire Family

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[USA] A Guide to Genealogy for the Entire Family

Post by bimjim » Tue May 30, 2017 5:07 pm

Giving Credit to Your Past: A Guide to Genealogy for the Entire Family

This is a site whose "primary goal is to provide transparent and simple to understand information to consumers about credit" - yet there is a page/section with quite a substantial blurb on genealogy. I have to assume the owner of the site is self-employed and is using the business presence as a platform to try and help others.

This page does provide some useful information, but as with so many other genealogy resources thrust upon me it caters solely to the needs and desires of Americans.

Users on this Index should remember that this resource focuses solely on the Caribbean, and in that focus caters to a tiny fraction of the entire global genealogy pursuit. I impose my Terms Of Use in spite of some abuse because otherwise our narrow Caribbean pedestal would be overwhelmed - especially by the vast oceans of crass and vast commercial resources of those in the USA who always seem to seek a substantial cash reward for everything they do.

So with the preamble here is a contribution - many thanks to Laura P. - for those of you who may find it useful.

Jim Lynch
Caribbean Surname Index

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