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Post by flatlander » Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:41 pm

I am looking for any information about my PR ancestry. My great-grandmother was raised in Puerto Rico and married there Nov. 1, 1899 to Carlton Meredith, an American soldier sationed in San Juan. Her name is shown as Casameda del Santo on the marriage certificate. Her parents are listed on the certificate as Salvador del Santo and Maria Algarin. In mid-1900 she and Carlton go to his home in Indiana, USA- that fall she has their first child, William. From there they move to Iowa where four more children are born to them. They remove to Canyou County, Idaho by 1910. She is known as Amelia in every record after their marriage. In 1919 she leaves her husband and children and goes to Orange COunty, CA where she marries Ed (Eli) Suttles. They live there until her death in 1967.

I have SO many questions about my great grandmother and her family. My family has no documentation of her life previous to her marriage to Carlton Meredith. She never spoke of her family or upbringing to anyone apparently. Her eldest daughter, my grandmother Marie Asenath Meredith Maw, only remembered her mother saying one thing about her life as a child: her mother told her about lying on tobacco bales and becoming terribly ill. That is the only story we have of her youth.

Family lore says that Amelia's parents died in Spain when she was one year old. She at various times claims that she was born in Spain or PR. She lists her father as born in Spain/PR in censuses and her mother as born in Spain, PR or France! She claims on the marriage certificate to be 18 years of age yet on every census thereafter she "gets younger". She is consistent on censuses at stating that she was 14 years at first marriage. I believe she was actually born Jan 20, 1885 due to this one consistency.

I have found a Salvoador del Santo y Marquez/del Santo in PR Civil Registration documents. He marries Tomasa Algarin y Rodriquez in 1892 at age 39. In later censuses these two have a niece in 1910 and nephew in 1920 in their household. Salvador was born in PR 1853-1855. His father, Bernardo del Santo, was born in Spain- probably Cadiz province. His mother was Casimira Marquez, born in Puerto Rico. I am not certain and certainly have no real proof that these are part of my Amelia/CasaMeda's family. I also wonder if the name CasaMeda is not a case of bad handwriting- I wonder if the real name is Casimira?

I have very little information about my great-grandmother and what bits I have found about the family name are totally confusing. If anyone has any information that would help clarify the confusion or solve this mystery, I would deeply appreciate any help! Thank you~

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