DAVENPORT- West Indies

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DAVENPORT- West Indies

Post by Daydreamer » Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:32 am

William Reed Davenport was born in England in 1838, and immigrated in 1857. In 1874, he had a son S.G.W. Davenport, born in Nassau, Dutch West Indies. In 1880, he married Elisa Namicia, also born in Nassau,Dutch West Indies. In the next 18 years, they had 6-7 sons, Albert Marshall, George A. William, Henry P., John Frederick Lionel, James Reed, and Leo Victo, all born on various islands Trinidad, Aruba, St. Vincent etc. They moved to Florida in 1898, just before Leo was born. William's occ. was listed as mariner.

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