TRAVESIER, LEDUC - Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico

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TRAVESIER, LEDUC - Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico

Post by Glitterfairy » Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:20 pm

In researching my family I just discovered that my 3rd great grandparents on my paternal side came from Guadeloupe. They settled I Naguabo, Puerto Rico. Their names were Carlos Travesier and Amelia Leduc. I have been able to find 4 children: Paula (my 2nd great grandmother) born in 1833, Teresa-born in 1839, Dominga-born in 1848, and Juana-born in 1853. There must have been some sons also, but I haven't found them yet.

Carlos was part of the first group of foreigners accepted in Puerto Rico as a result of the Real Cédula de Gracias which granted them entrance to the island and Spanish citizenship within 5 years if they were willing to swear loyalty to Spain. I have been unable to find anything about Carlos and Amelia anywhere.

I found out they came from Guadeloupe through some of their children's birth certificates.

Would appreciate any information and help. I'm also interested in information regarding the Leduc surname.

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