WRIGHT, Jamaica

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WRIGHT, Jamaica

Postby sillypearl » Sat Feb 03, 2007 5:57 pm

I'm new to this site so I'm a bit unsure about what I should note on here. All I know is that my ancestry is Jamaican but have no idea about a large part of my family as I have never been there, and my parents seem to know little about their roots as well, as a result of not being close to their fathers. But I do know that my grandfather's name is Dudley Wright. The area in which he resides (or did reside, unsure if he is still alive) might be St. Elizabeth or Kingston. If anyone has any info about him or his family it would be greatly appreciated. This is the only place I know to start from...

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Postby bimjim » Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:23 am

You have made a start... now at least others can find you.

Try adding more names and relationships - one is not always enough. If you add, for instance, his wife and her maiden name, as well as the names of others - children, grandparents, etc - you may attract a faster response because of the greater amount of info.

"Keywords" are paramount on the internet. If someone else is searching for relatives they may just put all the names into a search engine - such as Google - and that becomes a short cut to your post/s. The closer the keywords match a web page, the closer to the beginning of the results the web page will be shown by the search engine - and you to your family tree discovery goals.

Good luck...
Jim Lynch

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Initial post continued...

Postby sillypearl » Wed Feb 07, 2007 8:27 pm

Okay, I've decided that I should broaden my search, so here's a little more of what I know.

I mentioned that I am looking for the family of Dudley Wright. Well, he was previously married to (or had a relationship with) Elsie Bennett, who I believe is from Kingston. I have no idea when they were born, but my guess is somewhere in the 1930's. Estella's mother is Christianna (don't have her last name yet, she passed away in the early 80's).

That's on my mom's side.

For my father, it's hard for me to provide much info as I'm not sure he was given the proper surname. But if anyone knows anything about Isabella Powell (his grandmother), that would be great. In fact, if anyone has any information regarding a Wright or Powell family starting from the late 19th century (1800- present) in Jamaica, I'd really appreciate it.

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